And About a Year Later . . .

So it’s been close to a year since I posted. How ’bout that. Guess I need to be better with this, if not for personal amusement. Let’s have an update, shall we?

I have a year left in school before I can officially become a teacher, which is incredibly exciting! And yes, that’s right; I am going into education. I don’t know if I have posted that on here or not yet. It has been a fun ride, and it will continue to be so. I have a joke that I will be an eternal student, which suits me just fine. I love learning, so what better place to continuously learn than in a classroom?

Jason still has a little ways to go in school. He is changing his major. We’re still maaaadly in love–as we should be.

Eiros is still here, too. He’s gotten a little bit bigger, and he has been learning fast. If any of you follow my instagram (jlsaunders17), you know he gives kisses, gives high fives, turns around, is starting to dance, and does flips (his favorite trick). He’s even starting to say hello. He keeps us on our toes.

A lot has been on my mind with this new Spring season. A LOT. I don’t want to throw all my readers into my contemplative mind, but I will say my mind won’t stop spinning, which is good because I’ve learned a lot and grown. This past semester has been one of the hardest we have ever had to deal with. I won’t get into all the drama because it’s not worth digging it up, but I will say I have grown more and learned more this year alone than I thought possible. This semester has pushed us to our limits, but our limits have expanded. If there is one thing I have truly learned, it is that trials make us stronger. I know that is cliche, but life is one big cliche if you think about it.

I will add that trials only make us stronger if we are willing to learn from them. We have to allow ourselves to grow, develop, and learn from the hardships of life. When we do this, we can draw closer together as people or find betterment in ourselves. So don’t give up. Hold on to the ones close to you that you love and who love you. Keep your faith. And don’t forget to pray. After a semester of blood, sweat, and tears (literally), I know my family, hard work, and willingness to pray and find answers from Heavenly Father are what got me through this semester, and it will get me through the rest. With that, more adventures will come, creativity will abound, and I’ll be a better person through it all.


Yes, things are looking bright here! It’s been a wonderful summer. There is a lot to catch up on.

First off, I should announce a congratulation to my sister-in-law. She was sealed to her husband in the Brigham City Temple this last may. Woot!!

Jenn and Nick

In lieu of weddings, we have also been busy with summer classes, work, traveling up to Bear Lake, and decorating the apartment. It’s felt like home since we’ve been here, but I love the little homey touches and updates we get to make with it. Jason and I just finished our Summer semester and are moving on to the new Fall semester. We may have a load of classes, but I am starting to feel closer to graduation than I have before. I’ve also gotten into wreath making and have been working on my art. You can check out my art and wreaths and the pricing on my FB and on my Pinterest. I’ve also updated my poetry section on the blog. Don’t forget to check out the changes and updates on the forum. With all the hubbub that’s been going on, Jason and I still felt like something was missing. We decided that before the Fall semester started, we needed to get a bird. That’s right, a bird.

My lutina cockatiel, Kino, of +15 years passed away this last winter. I’ve missed her very much, and it hasn’t felt as bright in our apartment as it used to. We didn’t decide to get another bird to replace her, but we both missed the companionship. I knew I couldn’t do another cockatiel, so I went bird hunting. For months, I researched birds and searched for breeders. We had it down to a parotlett and a green cheek conure. That’s when we found Rochelle. She’s a bird breeder in Sandy. we asked her many questions before finally going to meet her and the birds. We had initially planned to only check out the conures to see if they would be the right bird choice for us. However, once we got there, we knew the conures beat out the parotletts. The conures were all very sweet and had hand training. There were many to choose from, and it took us a long time to narrow down to the right bird.

We thought we would have Rochelle keep track of the bird we liked. Jason and I were still trying to be good pet buyers by keeping our options open and looking for other birds. However, there was one little conure in particular that stood out to us. Jason and I looked at each other at one point and knew that was the bird we needed. So, we payed Rochelle, and took our eight-week-old green cheek home. Luckily, I had a cage ready, but we didn’t have food or a name. We weren’t thinking we were going to walk out with a bird when we went to check them out. Rochelle came to our rescue by providing us with food for a while and a little box to take him home in. We later bought food and toys for him, and we found a name the next day.

We decided to name our conure Eiros. Eiros is Gaelic and means “bright.” We thought it was fitting with his colors.


He’s been a joy to have. He’s been with us for a week. He’s a quick learner, he’s curious, and he’s good with people–albeit he is a little shy at times, but that’s endearing!

Yes, things are definitely bright here, and I expect them to become even brighter.




Cooking up a Storm and That Little Thing We Call Love

Lately, I’ve been cooking up a storm. And I need to post all of the delicious foods I’ve made! It’s been a while since I have posted anything about food or updated my recipes. That needs to change. I’ve posted pictures of the lovely goodness all over my tumblr/twitter, and I’ve promised to get the recipes up, and I am behind. However, some of that changes today.

One of the main foods I have been baking lately are pies. Yum! I’ve found I’m quite the pie fanatic. And, lo and behold, I have finally posted one of my pie filling recipes. It’s in the Dessert page, but here’s a quick link: Unapple Pie Filling. I’ve also posted two other recipes for Nutella Brownies and Fleur de Sel Caramel (a fancy term for Salted Caramel.) So there we go. Three new recipes. :) And I will have more to come.

I could say I’m making excuses when I tell the lovely world-wide-web that I have been busy, but it is true. There is a lot that comes with being recently married. It’s different from being single (obviously), and I don’t have time for things I used to. But I’m happy with all of that. Now, there is a home and another person to tend to, which I love. Laxer-Bro is also a wonderful help. He’s also very fun to cook with.

There are so many other things I’ve found are worth being married for. Sadly, much of the world these days votes against marriage. I think it needs to be the other way around. Yes, being married isn’t easy, but when did not being married suddenly become worth it? “It takes two to make a thing go right,” to quote Seduction. This is true. Working together with my own spouse on everything has made our relationship stronger, our home happier, and helps us in many  ways. I can honestly say that I love him more now that I did when I married him. And I only want to keep loving him more.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but when two people are dedicated to each other, that’s true love.

Marriage has been on my mind a lot lately due to my own recent marriage, my birth-sister’s marriage coming up, a *SPOILER ALERT!* sister-in-law’s proposal coming up (She knows nothink!), and some of my friends and loved ones finding themselves in the middle of divorce. it has struck me as to how important human connections are and how important it is to make relationships last and work. The adverse affects aren’t worth the later option. As human beings, we are given the capacity to love endlessly and tirelessly. So let’s not forget that. There are a lot of other ways Laxer-Bro and I have found to make our marriage and our relationship stronger. One day I may write a whole blog post on this, but for now, I’ll leave it to these few, simple truths.

I still plan to post more on our wedding and on other fun things, but for now I will direct you to my wedding tumblr. I don’t think I have posted my tumblr dedicated to all things wedding, but here it goes! When I was looking for ideas as to what I wanted for my own wedding, I realized I needed a space to put all of the images and ideas I liked. That place became my own tumblr wedding blog. Now that I’m through with my wedding, and with more weddings coming up, I’ve also kept up my wedding blog in hopes of helping others become inspired. So, enjoy! Sw33taxionFairyTale.

Wedding Day Perspectives

Hello, everyone!

So, it may be a bit longer before I get the time to comment on my own wedding, but I thought you might enjoy seeing bits of it via pictures from our photographer and videos from our videographer. They’re both amazing people, and if you’re in the Utah area, feel free to check them out! They do more than just weddings. :)

Our photographer was Mandy Harris. She’s wonderful, creative, has an artistic eye, and captured everything I could ever want and more of our wedding. She took our engagements and my bridals as well. Bellow is a link to her blog, website, and then a host of our pictures. :)

Illumine Photography’s Blog

Illumine Photography

Our Engagements

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Album

I pour over our album almost daily. :)

Now, on to Ashley Leishman’s work and take on our wedding day. I’m not going to post the whole video, but I will put up what she had put up on her Youtube account for us to see and share. :) Enjoy!

Ashley’s Web Page

Ashely’s Blog

Ashely’s Youtube

Here are some snippets of our wedding video–coming to you in two parts!:


Delayed Response

Hey, everyone!

I know I have pretty much been a dead beat since my last post, but lets face it, weddings and school take up a lot of time!

I will be making a post soon about how I found my wedding dress. I promised that post a long time ago. I will also be posting other fun things about Laxer Bro’s and my wedding as we go. :) I’ll give updates and make posts from there.

Until then, I just wanted to give a little thank you to all of my supporters. ^_~


All the Sparkle

I know I’m not the best at keeping my blog to begin with, but I feel like lately I’ve had a good reason: I’m engaged!

This month has been busy. I promised the story to many of my Tumblr followers a long time ago, and I mean to keep the promise now.

For the record, yes, I am engaged to Laxer Bro. :) He asked me on our one year anniversary from when we started dating.

In the beginning, he had told me that the ring shop we had ordered my ring from  had misplaced my ring, which was true, but he didn’t tell me the rest of that story. I was confused by this because it was odd to me that the store (Farr’s) wouldn’t have kept looking for the ring until they found it. Loosing a ring is a big deal. But, Laxer Bro had successfully thrown me off track for when and how he was going to ask me.

On the 23rd, I had a family party that we were going to. He asked me if we would want to leave a little early so we could see the lights on Temple Square. I agreed, though I didn’t see why it was so important to him. I’ll admit I had my suspicions, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up for anything. After the party, we went down to Temple Square and had fun walking around. It was absolutely beautiful. We stopped and took a few pictures in certain places and even talked to a few sister missionaries who also took a picture for us in front of the temple.

The one thing that threw me off with all of this is that Laxer Bro kept texting one of his younger brothers. The attention he was giving his phone was a little more than usual, so it made me think something had to be wrong. I asked him about it, and he said that his brother was having trouble with a friend. I shrugged it off as nothing more.

We ended up making our way past the reflecting pool and out along the strip of garden that passes in front of the temple. I mentioned that my friend, Kelsy (who has an awesome blog, check her out. The link is on the side), had taken a picture on a pedestal we were nearby. Laxer Bro offered taking a picture there, and I agreed. We had to wait for a while because there was a large crowd taking pictures, and I offered to simply take a picture off to the side. Laxer Bro said we could wait. I was fine with that if he was.

It was then that he took a picture for a small family and asked them to take a picture for us because the spot on the pedestal had just opened up. I was far enough away that I didn’t hear exactly what Laxer Bro had said to the kind stranger who was offering to take a picture for us. But I did hear the man respond with a surprised, “Really?” It was at that point my suspicions escalated, but I wasn’t daring to hope.

When we got up on the pedestal, Laxer Bro turned to me and said that he told me Farr’s had misplaced the ring, but he hadn’t told me the whole story. The jewelry store had found it very quickly that same day. He also said that he had the ring with him. That was when he knelt and asked if I would marry him in the temple. I could hardly breathe, but I was able to say yes.

However, I suppose I didn’t say yes loud enough for everyone to hear. There was still a crowd around, and the people in the back kept shouting to us asking if I had said yes, which I found funny particularly after I had him place the ring on my finger. Right after Laxer had asked me to marry him, I noticed an odd amount of flashes from cameras, and that’s when I saw his brother–whom he had been texting–taking pictures. Shortly after, I found my parents there as well as his taking pictures and holding a dozen, beautiful red roses.

The night was beautiful, and it was more than I could have asked for. I’ll attach a picture of the ring below for those of you who didn’t get to see it on my Tumblr. :)

Speaking of Tumblr, I created a new Tumblr account, still linked to mine. It’s Fairytale Endings. Yup. I committed the crime of all crimes and started a wedding blog. I thought I needed some help in the way of getting ideas for what to do at my wedding. So. That’s a recent bit of information. :) I’ll also be connecting my Tumblr blogs to the forum. If anyone has ideas for a wedding, shoot away! I’ve been gathering a lot of ideas and I’ve been booking a lot of places and taking care of things for the wedding, but I could use more ideas to go off of. :)

My Engagement Ring


So. This was partially how I spent my Halloween:

Yup. Laxer bro and I went to a Masquerade. It was fantastic! we went as Prince Charming and Cinderella. I even got to wear white gloves! I’ve got to admit I’m a sucker for dressing up in big, poofy dresses and feeling like a princess. The fact that I could pretend to be Cinderella for an evening was way too wonderful. We got to dress up in a lot of different ways for this Halloween because of all the activities we went to.

I had also cajoled Laxer Bro into coming to Anime Banzai this year. We had to throw our costumes together very quickly, but we ended up being a maid and a butler. It was a lot of fun! Laxer isn’t huge into anime, (That will change. He will also become a Whovian before the year is out.) but I think even he started getting into it when he saw all of the Star Wars paraphernalia.

Random subject, but how do you guys feel about the fact Star Wars is owned by Disney now? I just want to hear your opinions.

On Halloween, we both dressed up as Harry Potter people. We weren’t any in specific, but it was fun. We even had wands. I throw an annual Halloween party, so it was crucial that we dress up. It was also fun to see my nephews all dressed up along with all my friends. It was a grand-ol’-time!

I know this is a short update, but I just wanted to share the picture, more than anything, because of how fun this all was. :) Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! How was it? What did you do? What did you dress up as?

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